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Creating your wedding in just a few simple steps is easier than you think! The wedding ceremony is the cornerstone of the wedding events. It’s typically not the first event. In the United States in a Christian-centered marriage the proposal one of the first official events. It’s also not the last event in the wedding because after the wedding ceremony is the reception. Anyone who has been a part of planning a wedding knows that both in planning and cost the reception is very much a part of the wedding events. Also, don’t forget to create your own wedding invitations for your wedding party at!

Even after everyone has danced the night away, the next morning is often reserved for a brunch with family members who have visited from out of town. The last event in the wedding is usually the honeymoon when the couple can finally get away and enjoy serenity and solitude likely for the first time in months if not longer. 

But the ceremony is the key, the heart, and the center of it all. This is when the vows and rings are exchanged, when the family formally gives way to the couple, when the groom sees the bride’s dress for the first time and when God fulfills the promise to unite the couple in holy matrimony before the minister formally announces the couple for the first time. 

For these reasons, most planning and attention is also often placed on preparing for the ceremony. This blog post will help you to think about some of the things you want in your wedding ceremony from a faith-based perspective. 

Creating Your Ceremony

The first thing you will want to do is write your wedding vows. See my article here for help with writing your vows.

Next, you will want to find the right pastor for you. For many their pastor will be their local church pastor based on a relationship that has been formed through the local church community. For others, finding their pastor means reaching out to a family member, friend, or someone who comes recommended by a friend.

Finding the pastor early in the process because he/she may have important requirements regarding pre-marital counseling and preparation. They might also ask you to complete some simple tasks like having lunch with a couple whom you admire. Give them a chance to chart a course with you that will prepare you for your special day. Creating your wedding is a joint process that will involve the couple and your community as well.

After your vows are written and you have chosen a pastor, and assuming that you have already found a venue 1 year before your wedding, next you will want to decide how to structure your ceremony. This process involves deciding what parts you would like included. For example, if you have a close family member or friend who sings and you would like to include them in your special day having them sing would be a great way to include them and also fill a very important part of the ceremony. Completing the parts of the ceremony is about honoring God and expressing your faith while doing so. It’s also about playing to your strengths. If you know someone who is an excellent reader or speaker for example you should ask them to participate based on those skills.

Here are some ideas on parts of your ceremony for a faith-based wedding.

Invocation (prayer)
Scripture Reading
Introduction of Couple
Sermon/Charge to the Couple
Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Rings
Announcement of Couple

Feel free to check back soon for more ideas on setting up your wedding ceremony!

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